"The group rips, dances and converses . . . the quartet is so tight that they sound like one big, polyphonic low-brass organ. Each trombonist kills it." - DownBeat Magazine

"Like the WSQ, Fiedler and company swing hard without a rhythm section, moving between avant-garde and more mainstream sounds. Innovative and fun." - LEO Weekly (Louisville's alt-weekly)

"An exuberant bit of joy. Big instruments showing their lighter side. Fun and exciting stuff."
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"Bandleader Fiedler plays it straight, fitting intricate melodies and inventive solos around Marcus Rojas’ anchoring tuba . . . he even makes the t-bone sound sexy. Take that, saxophone." - M Music & Musicians

"These guys are way cool, and fun. They’ll take you to places you never thought of . . . and then after you’ve listened to all 10 tracks, they’ll put a smile on your face." - Albuquerque Journal

"Great playing and great writing and arranging by Fiedler make this low brass high class." - The Winnipeg Free Press

"The titular trombonist-composer manages the too-rare feat of creating art while having a blast . . . Here’s hoping that he and the three 'bones huff, puff and slide their way to another Fiedler-guided outing in the not-too-distant future." -

"Mr. Fiedler, an adventurous trombonist, conceived Big Sackbut as something like a brass answer to the World Saxophone Quartet." - The New York Times

"Low brass choirs might not always immediately spring to auditors' minds as desirable listening options, but trombonist Joe Fiedler may well change that . . . a group worth knowing and loving." - Hot House Magazine

"On their sophomore effort, his Big Sackbut foursome shimmer through Fiedler’s tight but tuneful arrangements . . . Each of the trombonists gets a chance to shine . . . boisterously spirited . . ." - The NYC Jazz Record

"'Does the music transcend the eccentricity of the ensemble make-up?' . . . I'd answer a definite yes with respect to this record. Enjoyable stuff . . ." - Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches (the blog of Hank Shteamer)

"You should be quite surprised and pleased at how this music moves gracefully and melodically . . . the pieces also take many rhythmic paths . . . No doubt about it, this CD is a 'wind-win' situation." - Step Tempest

"The music is warm, crisp, and has a lot of bounce . . ." - O's Place Jazz Magazine