"Fiedler is equally facile playing inside and outside, but just as important, he likes and respects both. The trio’s fourth recording marks out a boundary where these elements can cordially coexist, and then throws a party inside that perimeter . (Four Stars)" - Downbeat Magazine

"Fiedler uses superb technique, which includes playing chords (multiphonics), and a wit worthy of trombonist Ray Anderson to invigorate straight-ahead jazz, paying indirect tributes to tradition while simultaneously turning the music inside out." - Jazziz Magazine

“Fiedler’s among the most impressive trombonists to emerge in the past couple of decades." - Signal to Noise Magazine

"Trombonist Joe Fiedler has been an MVP in configurations that range from 
salsa bands to the jazz
avant-garde." - Time Out New York

"You will be hard pressed to find more adventurous and imaginative use of the trombone as an instrument of musical expression." - International Trombone Association Journal

“With only three instruments, these extremely talented musicians have made a thoroughly enjoyable
album that will appeal to fans of mainstream, bluesy jazz." - All Music Guide

“Fiedler's latest, Sacred Chrome Orb, the leader seasons the mix with a remarkable array of timbral
effects, including mind-bending multiphonics inspired by his idol, Albert Mangelsdorff." - Time Out New York

“With The Crab, the trombonist has made one of the small group jazz discs of the year." - Village Voice

“A deeply expressive and highly effective modern jazz album." - All About Jazz

“Pointing a way toward the future of the trombone." - Cadence Magazine

“(4½ out of 5 Stars) Fiedler has created a memorable and brilliant tribute. Highly recommended." - All Music Guide