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I'm In
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Sacred Chrome Orb
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The Crab
The Crab
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Wheat Song
Plays the Music of Albert Mangelsdorff
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Pyramid Lake
110 Bridge St

Fiedler is equally facile playing inside and outside, but just as important, he likes and respects both. The trio’s fourth recording marks out a boundary where these elements can cordially coexist, and then throws a party inside that perimeter. ⭑⭑⭑⭑


Fiedler uses superb technique, which includes playing chords (multiphonics), and a wit worthy of trombonist Ray Anderson to invigorate straight-ahead jazz, paying indirect tributes to tradition while simultaneously turning the music inside out.


Fiedler’s among the most impressive trombonists to emerge in the past couple of decades.

Signal to Noise

Trombonist Joe Fiedler has been an MVP in configurations that range from salsa bands to the jazz avant-garde.

Time Out New York

You will be hard pressed to find more adventurous and imaginative use of the trombone as an instrument of musical expression.